12 January 2009

50 hours later...

I finally arrived at Skyharbor Airport. Lucka and I traveled by train from Cesky Tesin to Prague Friday night. The trams were under construction so we ended up walking around for a while with all my bags trying to figure out where the right bus was. We stayed up late eating McDonalds and watching a movie. Then at 6am we were on the tram to the airport. And that is where the fun really started.

I went to check in my bags and the lady said my flight from London to Phoenix didn't exist and that I had been put on a flight for the next day, but my flight to London was still the same. After a phone call they couldn't fix the problem in Prague and said I would have to figure it out in London. Ugh, it was hard enough to leave Lucka, Jitka, Dencha and so many others anyway and now I was not even going to get home to my family when I was supposed to. So I made a bunch of phone calls to the states and checked my bags to London praying that something would work out.

I got on the plane and they said due to the weather in London our flight was delayed. 1 hour goes by. Then they need to de-ice our plane. The machine breaks. They bring another one. We miss our rescheduled departure time. Another hour goes by. Then another, and another. At 12 they decide we have been sitting on the plane for 4 hours and should maybe eat something. The pilot comes on and says we are delayed another 2 hours. Passengers start going crazy and yelling. He come back on and says we're leaving in 20 min. So our 840 flight finally left sometime after 1. We land in London and after a little more of a delay we finally get to our gate.

I got my bags, got through security, and went off in search of customer service. Thankfully the line wasn't too long when I got there, but an hour later when I left it was packed. They tried to get me on one flight but it wouldn't let them check my bags in. So they found a later one to Chicago but the connecting flight wasn't until Sunday morning. The guy didn't want to put me on it because he said I would be really tired. I didn't care. I did not want to spend the next 26 hours in the London airport.

I get to my gate but they had told the passangers from a connecting filght the wrong gate so we were delayed another hour. We were scheduled to land in Chicago around 730 and got there around 840. We had to spend the next hour sitting on the plane waiting for a gate to open up because everything was backed up because of the weather. We got through customs really fast but then our bags were delayes an hour. At 11 I finally got through with all my bags (backpacking backpack, big suitcase, backpack, and purse) and transfered terminals (yay for not being able to take carts on the train). "Slept" in the terminal. Checked in at 330am. Waited for securtiy to open at 4. Flight slightly delayed again.

I arrived in PHX just before 8am. So happy to see my family waiting for me. Went to get my bags. There were only two of us there and only one bag came off-my backpack. Then my mom spotted a bag sitting off to the side. I don't know where it came from but it was my other bag. The other passengers never showed. How you lose half the bags of only 2 passengers I have no idea. But I was happy and thankful I had mine.

Finally I arrived back at my parents house at 9am, safe and sound. I love traveling.


Josh "Hawaii" Nelson said...

wow...that sounds like one crazy adventure. I was afraid they weren't going to let me on the flight from LAX to Hawaii, but I ended up getting on. That's nothing compared to the craziness you went through. Glad to hear you got home safely.

Erin said...

yeah, but God is good and it was cool to see things all come together. And it got to the point where it was just all kind of funny.