20 November 2008

A Look at What's Ahead

Ok so as I was sitting filling in my calendar yesterday and organizing youth group visits, etc. I realized that when I leave this weekend I will pretty much be traveling non stop for the next month! I will only sleep in my bed maybe once or twice...oh to not have to live out of a backpack anymore...but here is what I'm looking forward to and things you can be praying for.

Nov 21-23 Hradec Kralove (houba, visiting friends and youth group leaders, chruch, cajovna with a student from camp)
Nov 26-30 Thanksgiving Conference
Dec 1 velka porada
Dec 2-5 Strakonice (visiting Aubree, Bonnie, and Leah and seeing the ministry there/helping bake for the thanksgiving youth group party)
Dec 6-7 Prague/Hradec Kralove
Dec 11-14 ESI debrief retreat in Vienna
Dec 17 KAM Christmas Party
Dec 18-20 Prague
Dec 19 ESIs leave :(
The days in between are for office meetings and Czech lessons

The three weeks after that are just as full but I'll post those when it gets closer.

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