25 November 2008

Hradec Králové-a quick summary

The rest of Saturday was filled with awesome meetings and fellowship. After having breakfast with Pavla, her room mate Veronika called. Veronika and I had talked a lot about ministry the last time I had stayed with them. She really wanted to get a chance to talk even though she wasn't in Hradec that weekend. It was so sweet. It was awesome to hear God providing and answering prayers, and to hear all she was learning about ministry.

Afterwards Paja and I went into the city to do a little Christmas shopping. I didn't really get much Christmas shopping done, but thankfully was able to find some boots (my old running shoes just weren't going to cut it with the snow). We got to talk a lot while we shopped about the youth group and challenges they were facing and what different aspects of it should look like. I felt like GOd was really answering my prayers to have Him guide and direct my time there and the conversations I had. It was super encouraging for me to be able to just have my purpose in being here reconfirmed, because there are definitely moments where I feel like I don't know that I am really doing much of anything, or I just can't see in what specific ways God is using me. This weekend everything was just so clear, and I thouroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Once we got back, I went rock climbing with my friend Irena (my translator for at English camp) and a bunch of international students. It was so fun to be with people from Ghana, Taiwan, Czech, and a couple of other countries.

Sunday we had church and then I went out to tea with Marketa K., a girl who was at camp the past two summers. She is in her last year of high school and preparing to take entrance exams to go to pharmacy school. It was fun to talk with her about science and the medical field.

I know that was a really short quick overview of the weekend, but really it would take pages to really describe the ways God was working and how refreshing it was and really helped to get me even more exciting for my last month and a half here.

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