17 November 2008

The Ellenwood Kids

So for the past two weeks this month I got to watch the Ellenwood kids while their parents were in the states for the 2x3campaign. These kids are awesome, and I had a great time with them. The 3 of them are around my younger brother and sister's age and so it was so fun to feel like I had siblings around again. I love the organized chaos of it all- the fifty different schedules everyday, the driving around, cooking/baking, playing games, being silly, doing chores, brother-sisterly love and fighting, random dance parties, appliances breaking, taking care of 2 dogs, friends over, noise, late Sunday afternoon naps, working on math homework and writing, etc. Now some people would think I'm crazy, but that's what I grew up with, and I've missed having it around. It was so nice to experience real normal life in a family setting. And not just typical Czech everyday life, but life of an American missionary family.

Another plus to the whole week. We had amazingly beautiful weather. The sun was out, it was around 60, and just absolutely gorgeous. That all changed the last day there, and it has been cold and rainy/snowy ever since. But it was such a huge blessing and answer to prayer while I was there, because I really didn't want to have to drive in the snow since I've never done that before. [It was fun to get to drive again. First time in 6 months!]

The Pictures below is the view from the window that I woke up to every morning, or at least until the sun started rising to late.

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