24 November 2008

Early Morning and God-Part II

This past weekend I traveled to Hradec Králové to see some friends, visit the youth group, meet with students, etc. I had been looking forward to this weekend since it had been almost 2 months since I was last there. This group is one of my favorites, and this region of Czech is always on my heart. However, as always before a visit, I was a little nervous. You never know fully what to expect. Ryan had been told not to come because they were having houba, but the girls really wanted me to. So I went. It was my first visit completely on my own and it was great!

I was praying on Friday before I left that God would really guide me this weekend in the people I interacted with an the conversations I would have. I didn't want to just go around and see 50 different people say hi and then leave. I wanted to really be able to spend some quality time with a few individuals. And wow, God totally answered my prayers and so much more.

The train ride there was pretty uneventful. It's about a 5 hour trip. I did get to see it snow a little on the way there.

So Friday I arrived, my friend Paja picked me up at the train station and we went to houba. Houba is a large youth group meeting where youth groups from across the region gather together for teaching, worship, and small group discussion. There were about 160 people there. I got to see a few people I knew, but they were mostly really busy setting up and helping run things. We stayed for worship. It was so good to worship. It's funny because sometimes you just want to be able to sing in English and praise God in a language you know, but I really had been longing for that in Czech. The past 2 Sundays the worship was mostly in Polish which just makes it harder. But ther is definitely a part of me that loves to worhsip in Czech. The songs have become familiar, and they have meaning to me as much as any English worship song. It does become funny sometimes when it is an English song changed to Czech because then my brain gets really confused on what words to sing. But I just love the picture of people worshipping God in every language. It is something hard to describe unless you have experienced it. There are some songs I now know in 3 or 4 languages. How great is our God, that people around the world can all worship together.

So after that we went back to her house. She is renting the downstairs of the house with her friend from some well known snowboarder. His brother, who is a musician and English teacher, was there so we all hungout at the local village pub.

Saturday morning I woke up to the picture above. It was really early and there was a fresh thin layer of snow covering everything. I have only woken up to that a couple of times in my life. It was even better because right out their back door is a river. So pretty. I went back to sleep for a little before getting up, having breakfast, and starting the rest of a great day. That will have to wait 'til the next post though. :)
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