11 November 2008

Dinner last night...

-right after I poured myself a glass of cranberry juice-
Hayley: "so if you had to choose right now would you rather drink apple juice or cranberry?"
Melissa: "apple"
Me: "cranberry"
Melissa: "that's good cause you're drinking it right now. And that's ok, like being single"
hahaha....wait what? [slightly confused face/right eyebrow raised]
Melissa: "yep, drinking cranberry juice is like being single, they're both ok"

Thank you Melissa


Lukas and Jessica Fischer said...

i think that is so funny :-D I love you!

JennyMae said...

yes!! i can always depend on your for yet another random thing of the day. makes my day, always :) love you big!!

Aubree Sorensen said...

Oh my gosh, if cranberry juice is like being single then I want nothing to do with it. Isn't cranberry juice the one you drink when you have a UTI? That's what I thought. I love you both...and yes. Melissa, it is O.K. to be single! Maybe we can have another singles meeting at Thanksgiving conference. I sure hope so, then maybe i will have something else to blog about.