07 October 2008


Sunday night Lucka's neice and nephew came over. We spent at least an hour playin some made up game with chestnuts where we would take turns hiding them and putting them back while one person wasn't looking. Daniel and I were a team. It was great especially since he speaks ponasimu and Melissa and I speak very broken Czech.
daniel: nedivat, nedivat
melissa: už?
daniel: ješte
melissa: už?
daniel a ja: už
melissa: daniel, maš? nemam. lucka ma? nema. erin ma? nemam.
melissa a ja: jedna, dva, tři, čtyři, pět, šest, sedm, osm....
daniel: nedivat

later as Lucka was taking them home Daniel starts talking about the černoška (black girl) which is me apparently...I definitely have never been called that before....little kids are the best

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