28 October 2008

Czech Culture/Life Experiences

This past weekend I got to go to and participate in lots of Czech culture. Friday night I went to a house warming party for Romana and her husband. Romie was my roomate at my first English camp and the translator for the camp. It has been great to have her living in Cesky Tesin again, even though I don't get to spend much time with her, it has been fun to run into each other occasionally.

Saturday I went to my first Czech wedding. Dusan who works for KAM (JV Czech) and his new wife Danca. It wasn't a completely traditional wedding as they each had 3 attendants. usually there is just one witness for each. In the evening we traveled to Malenovice for the reception dinner. There were games: trivia questions for the bridal party about the bride and groom and a guess the family member game where they were given a small fact and a partial photograph to figure out who the person was. There was also an incredible violinst, a slide show with narration about them growing up and their relationship, and of course lots of food. I wish I had some pictures of the day.

Sunday night one of the Bohumin youth group girls as well as some of her classmates who were at Ecamp this summer had their pulkolona. It is a big event, kind of like a ball or homecoming, but with all of your friends and family there. The students have been taking ballroom dancing lessons and this is the dance for the halfway point. It was fun to see everyone so dressed up. And no you don't get to just sit and watch. So I danced a waltz and learned the fox trot. I was starting to learn the polka but the music changed. Also, a new little thing I learned-wear tights when its 35 degrees out, and heals with backs when you are trying to dance :)

Monday I had Czech lessons in Cesky Tesin, and then that night I made bramboraky (potatoe pancakes) with Jitka. I'm excited to be able to learn how to make new foods that I can take back to the states.

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