11 August 2008

A look at what's ahead

Aug 10-Summer Interns depart/ESI meeting
Aug 10-12 Cesky Tesin (I finally get to spend some time at home)
Aug 13 Bohumin (a day of follow up and hanging out)
August 14-27 Italy (Vacation!)
August 27-28 Strakonice (ESI girl time/debriefing the summer/planning for what's next)
Aug 29 Cesky Tesin (moving in/preparing for fall)
Sept. 5-6 Jizda 316
Sept 8-14 Namax in Trinec (teaching English and doing various outreach activities)
Sept 22-27 JV Fall Conference

These are the dates of events that are already planned for the next month. The time in between, I will be studying the language, working with the Bohumin, Hradec Kralove, and KS Praha youth groups, and many other things. Over the next couple of days and the last few days of August I will be planning out more exactly what that looks like and update my schedule. One thing I am really looking forward to is working with Denca in Bohumin with her small group of girls called Babynec. I am also hoping that something similar can be started in HK. I am also hoping to teach a little in the fall. Please be praying for this month ahead as I try and get settled into real life here, and work out what my role in ministry will look like. Please also pray for wisdom and guidance in making decisions and leading different activities this fall.

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