11 August 2008

ESI Meeting

Yesterday we said goodbye to most of the summer interns. We took them to the airport at 330am and the last group left around 715. At 830 we started our Extended Summer Intern meeting. this meeting was to review everything that had been discussed at the beginning of the summer, which a few of us missed. I don't always like meetings, but this one was very beneficial. It helped me to get a clearer picture of my time here over the next few months. It helped me to see my role and learn what the expectations were. I can honestly say that I am really excited to see all that will happen this fall. The reality of being here for so much longer is starting to set in as well as the challenges I will face. This will be a time of a lot of growth and stretching. I believe it will give me a very good idea of what it will be like to live here full time. Some of the goals this fall are to continue relationships with the youth groups and students I worked with this summer, to help start some type of evangelistic outreach alongside a local youth group, learn the language, meetings, and to be a student. It is also to grow in leadership. I will have more "free time" in that my whole schedule is not planned out for me. This will allow me to see how I managed this time and give me opportunities to serve in ways I am passionate about. There are many expectations for my time here, but this is a time of trial and learning. And success will be continuing to move closer to God and doing what He has called me to do. It will be leaving with a deeper love for Him and for people.

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