21 July 2008


Pronunciation[di-pen-duhns] –noun
1.the state of relying on or needing someone or something for aid, support, or the like. 2.reliance; confidence; trust. 3.an object of reliance or trust.

Dependence. This is a definite theme of the summer and in my life right now (Nate wrote a good blog about it, and I just received an email from my mom about it as well). It is a good place to be in. We often think of traveling or moving to a different place as a form of independence. We also tend to have the idea that dependence is restricting. However, I have learned neither of these is actually the case. Living in a foreign country, I must rely on others for help with translation, getting around new cities, etc. I am also dependent on the support of others both financially and through prayer. And I must trust that God will provide for every need. Sure being dependent on the wrong things can ruin a life, but being completely dependent on God strengthens and frees.

Last night, the girls I am staying with asked me how I first came to the Czech Republic. As I sat there trying to put everything in words, I saw how everything I am doing right now: teaching, living in Czech, leading small groups, etc., are things that have come out of my weaknesses. It would be easy for me to do a job involving my strengths, but by doing the job I am right now, I must rely fully on God. I can not do any of this on my own strength; I am dependent on God for that. Yet I have learned what a wonderful place this is to be. I have learned that God can and will provide all I need. I have come to know that by being dependent on Him I gain everything and through this to experience what it is to be completely content and at peace, and enjoy being fully here.

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