03 June 2008


Summer Intern Training is 5 days packed with tons of information. Everyday is full of stuff to do, but it is all purposeful and beneficial. Though each day is slightly different, there is a basic schedule. Below is an example of our schedule and what we do during each of those times.

Morning Devotional/Worship

Each morning all of the interns come together to begin the day with a morning devotional and time of worship. This week we have spent a lot of time looking at Jeremiah and our response to God's calling.

Morning Seminars

Right after devotionals, we start into our seminars. These are two 1 1/2 sessions where we talk about teaching English, how to lead small group discussions, go over cultural issues, and how to work on a team.

Free Time

Each afternoon there is a time to rest, relax, and hangout with the other interns. I have had a few meetings during this time, but it is just a nice little break from the busy schedule to process all that we have been learning and hopefully get a little rest to start the summer off rested and ready to go.

Worship/The Upper Room Discourse (John 13-17)

As part of intern training each year, we do a study on a book or part of a book of the Bible. Dave Patty who started JV teaches each night and usually one morning. Two years ago we went through Philippians and last year we studied Ephesians. This year we are looking at upper room discourse in the book of John. It has been an amazing series and very challenging. Each night we have covered a different aspect of the interaction between Jesus and His disciples as they share the last supper. The topics we have covered are Sensitivity to the Spirit, Intimacy with the Father, Dependence on the Son, and the Attitude of a Servant.

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