03 June 2008

My Team

Left to Right: Ryan, Brad, Lucie, Me, Emily, James, Denča

Our team arrived at Malenovice at 7am on Friday after completing the Amazing Race. We were the second team to arrive, but with other factors calculated in we finished 4th overall out of the 13 teams. We traveled to Mala Boleslava, Podebrada, Praha (Prague), Cheb, Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Plzen, and Cieszyn(Poland). The highlight of the race was probably getting on the wrong train and having to sleep in Beroun on bus benches for 3 hours while the train station was closed.

Training started that night and it has been a week full of Bible study, planning, training sessions, and fellowship. The Extended Summer Interns have also been working on getting paperwork filled out and pictures taken for our visas which we will travel to Bratislava to get tomorrow. Please pray that this all goes smoothly and quickly. There are 8 of us who need to get visas.

1 comment:

jesse gable said...

my heart yearns to be with yall.
i'll definitely be praying.

(p.s. Erin, the photo on the top of this page that you took of the square is blown up and on my wall. i love it)