21 September 2007

Back in AZ-the crazy schedule continues

After meeting my sister Jessi in Seattle and a 2 hour plane delay we finally arrived in PHX at around 11pm on Aug 28th. We grabbed our bags and headed home. At midnight with a grand total of 52 hours of traveling behind me, I walked into my parents house, a place I had not been in over 15 weeks. It was weird feeling to be back. I honestly felt like I was just on another city visit like the all the ones I had done this summer. So here a few of the things I have ben doing since back in AZ.

Aug 31-Sept 3: Backpacking
Hanging out before the storm

It really is green in Arizona
Jenny, Aubree, Me

The whole crew at the Duhame's cabin
Sept 7-9 SBC High School Summer Camp: Campelot

I have a group of Sophomore girls. These were the Sophomore guys at camp.

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