21 August 2007

Team Portugal

We arrived back in Cesky Tesin this morning after about 44 hours after we left our campsite in Portugal. I wish I had time to write more about our trip but instead I will just have to post a couple of pictures. Tomorrow Nate, Emily, Leah and I head to Croatia to work at the JV kids camp. We have a 15 hour bus ride to get there and then will return to Czech on the 27th. Then on the 28th I fly back to AZ, with Jessibess joining me on my Seattle to PHX flight!!! :)

Lisboa, Portugal
Jump Pictures: Ninja
Sunset-Location: Southwestern most point of Europe
There are a lot more but that is all I have time to put up tonight. Nate Hughes has some up on his blog and a little more about our road trip.


Mishfish said...

those are quite possibly the best photographs i have ever seen. i miss your tremendousness.

Luke and Jess Fischer said...

i like your kicking picture.