12 July 2007

Hradec Kralove English Camp

What an amazing week. Minus not being able to do the hike because of getting hurt, the injury really did not hinder me. My translator Lucka (Peša) for my class was awesome. We got along really well and I loved having her around to talk to. She was a huge help during class and discussion time. She also shared her testimony. She has only been a believer for a little over a year, but in that year she started studying at seminary. She has such a heart to serve the Lord and follow His will for her life. It was great to see her interact with all of the students. God used her story to open up so many discussions as many students were in a similar place as she was two years ago.

I was talking to Nate about how the term of camps went overall. I have seen God do a lot of work here over the years, but this summer is truly amazing. Last summer there were 18 camps total where 12 students came to Christ at camp and another 18 throughout the year. In the first term of camps, there were 6, 12 students came to Christ with about half of the rest wanting to know more about God and meet with someone on a regular basis. Please pray for follow with these new believers and the rest of the students throughout the year.

My English Class: [back row]Marek, Corrie (American helper), Iva, Peša (translator), Me, [front row]Honza, Tamara, Ester

Interns-team 07: Rachel (Ace), Jesse (José), Me (ErBear/Blueberry), Denča, Jožka, Brad (Chleba), Ryan (Ray-Ray)

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