20 June 2007

Week 4 and 5 Update

So much has happened since my last update. The past two weeks have been full of traveling and preparing for English Camps. Our first stop was to visit Bohumin. We will be working with this city’s youth group for our third camp. The youth group has started a group called Street Club. They were hosting a football (soccer) tournament and so we went to help them with it and to get to know some of the kids who may go to English Camp.

From there we traveled to Hradec Kralove. Our time there was very busy but it went really well. Saturday night we had an English Camp Team meeting where we got to meet the members of the youth group that we will be working with. We talked about what camp will look like and then prayed for the summer. Afterwards, the rest of the youth group came and we worshipped with them and then went to the park where Brad talked and then we played sports. Sunday we went to church their church, had lunch, and again played sports. Monday we split our team into two groups-Brad, Rachel, and Jozka in one; and then I was with Ryan, Jesse, and Denca. Each group went to a local high school and taught English classes all day. It went really well, and we all had a great time interacting with the students and telling them about camp. After teaching, we had sports time again where a few students who are coming to camp came to hangout for the afternoon. Tuesday we taught in another school and then headed to Jicin.

Jicin was a time for our team to just hangout, rest a little bit, and get to know each other better. Jicin is part of Cesky Raj (Czech Paradise). It was beautiful. After a few days of rest, we started planning for our time in Prague. We left for Prague on Friday afternoon.

Friday night in Prague we met with the youth group and talked about camp. This is the groups first English Camp, and so there were a lot of details that needed to be discussed as far responsibilities and what camp will look like. Saturday they had a youth group event that they put on every year called the Maraton Party. There was a worship band from Slovakia, the pastor gave two sermons, then there were various workshops and seminars the students could attend the rest of the day. The youth group is pretty unique in that there are about 100 students. These students are all from 9 local Prague churches. On Sundays they each attend their local church and then once a week they all get together and have youth group. Sunday we attended one of the church services, went to lunch with the Slovak worship band, and then caught a train to Cesky Tesin.

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