17 April 2007

The Next 4 Months of My Life

April-lots and lots of studying and packing
May ?-moving out of the Casa-very very sad day
May 11-MCAT
May12-Leave PHX for England
May 17-20-France
May 21-Leave London for Czech
May 21-28 -hanging out in the Czech
May 29-other interns arrive
May 29-31- Amazing Race
May 31-June 6-Intern training
June 30-July 7-English Camp #1
July 14-July 21-English Camp #2
July 28-August 4-English Camp #3
August 12-other interns leave
August 12-28- more time in the Czech
August 28-Return to PHX
then hopefully find a job and a place to live :)

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