23 April 2007

Intern Team Part II...my answer to question 9

Vincent van Gogh: Cafe Terrace at NightVincent van Gogh: Starlight over Rhone
Claude Monet: The Seine at Bougival in the Evening
Claude Monet: Title? his garden
J.M.W. Turner: The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last berth to be broken up (Le dernier voyage du Temeraire)

The funny thing is I don't necessarily have any desire to spend time in France. The last painting is actually an English title, I just accidentally gave the French title in my email. (Oh and as noticeable from the above, I like Impressionistic paintings).

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Jitka said...

hey Erin,
somehow I found your blogs and... I´ve got a feeling that I have this picture at home...I mean some copy of it of course...I will look for it and if it´s there...I can give it to you..if you want(of course:-) because I don´t need it :-)