30 April 2007

Intern Team Part III

Jozka is now on our team!

We now have 7 people on our team. It is the same team I had last year minus Breanne :( plus Ryan and Jesse :)

Here are our team's answers to question 10 (see post below for all questions):

And just for fun...What used to be, but is not currently, your
third favorite animal?
Spider Monkey
Flying Squirrel
Siberian White Tiger Cub
Hippo. (i'm not going to hide it i started to spell the whole thing and then just gave up and put "hippo")
Yeah, hippo's were 3rd until i found out how many people they kill then they slide down the list to number 38."

1 comment:

Mishfish said...

poison dart frogs, until I found out that they were poison