21 April 2007

GOD IS GOOD!/Support Update

So yesterday morning I am sitting in the family room finishing up my lesson for Bible study and I got this overwhelming feeling that God was telling me to go and check my old computer. Now this computer crashed in August right after I got back from the Czech. I was pretty sure the hard drive was fine but the computer would not turn back on. I had been planning on taking it in and buying an external hard drive so I could get all my files off but really hadn't had the time or money to do that. Anyway with that in mind I pull my computer off of the shelf and plugged it in. I pushed the power button, and it turned ON!!! My room mate has an external hard drive so I was able to back up all of my old file, pictures, and music.

God is good!

Then this morning I checked my JV account. Thank you all so much for all of the support I have received so far! I am at 35% of what I need.

God is so good!

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