02 March 2007

Tentative Plans for the Next 6 Months

I bought my tickets this week!

Now until May 11-studying!, running, working?
March 18-1/2 Marathon (Tucson)
May 11-MCAT!!!
May 12-21 England
May 21-23 Hradec Králové
May 23-28 Czech Republic-where and doing what exactly still to be determined
May 28-August 12 Internship with Josiah Venture (w/Aubree, Emily, and a lot of other cool people)
????-dinner in Poland with Michelle and Aubree?!?!
August 13-28 Czech Republic-again not exactly sure what I'm doing during these 2 weeks yet


Mishfish said...

You forgot dinner in Poland with Michelle and Aubree.

Erin said...

you're right i'll make sure to fix that