10 October 2006

Reasons Why I Love Living at the Casa de Hotties/The Best Week of the Semester

So for as difficult as this semester was for the first month and a half, the past week has been amazing. God is so good, and always faithful. The next two weeks I have 3 exams, a midterm, a quiz, and two lab reports, and reading. It is all kind of spread out, but it is still a lot to do. I would normally be beginning to stress out a little bit, especially the way my classes have been going so far this semester; however, I am not and I hope that is a good thing.

I spent the weekend catching up on sleep, studying, cleaning the house, and just relaxing. A bunch of people were gone for fall retreat and so things were pretty quiet. Sunday night we were all back together and it began pouring. So being the Arizona rain deprived people we are we decided it would be a great idea to go run around in it. Then we made paper boats and raced them down Park. Yay for cheap forms of entertainment. Yesterday I spent most of the day in class and studying. It rained again, and trying to cross the flooded streets to get home is always a fun task. Last night was spent studying/hanging out at the guys house, bringing a very needed break.

And then this morning I woke up to the most beautiful and amazing morning I have experienced in a long time. I had left my blinds part way open so as the sun began to rise, light came pouring into my room. The sky was beautiful. I woke up well rested and filled with such a peace and joy that I have been missing since probably the first week of being back home. I stepped outside to go to class and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful weather. It was perfect.

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