04 June 2006

Random Story Number 1/Training

(Just for you Jenny ;) )So during the amzing race my team was in the lead and we were following a couple of Czech students in Olomouc trzing to find the Sport Hall. After walking for about 20 minutes we thought they were taking us to the wrong place because it didn´t seem to match the clue we had. So we turned around went all the way back to where we started from and wandered around the city for a long time only to finally find they were right all along. We got there and the task was to raft down a section of the river and make it through various obstacles. One of them required a person getting out of the boat, climbing up a ladder, and then getting back into the boat. This was supposed to be my job but when we got there the boat was in the wrong position for me to do this. So my leader Brad jumps onto the ladder. Breanne was trying to hold the boat in place but the water was moving to quickly so she partially fell in. Our boat went downstream a little ways and then we had to row back up to get Brad. We were all laughin so hard by this point that we weren´t making much progress and kept running into a low tree. Brad finally got back into the raft and we finished the course only falling down to third place and moving back up to first at the next stop.

Noah is doing better, his temperature is back to normal, and he is continuing to receive antibiotics and fluids.

It is amazing to be in a room worshipping God with people singing the same song in at least 4 different languages, and hearing people pray in Slovak, Czech, Latvian, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, and English!

Training has been great, we have been presented with a lot of information, and it has all been good and challenging. It is amzing how much of it hits me right where I´m at and has been things that have really been on my heart the past few months. My team had our first official team meeting yesterday and it was a great time of fellowship and learning more about what the summer will look like and where everyone is coming from. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Love in Christ, Erin

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