02 June 2006

Czech Hospitals

It kind of looked like I just stepped into some scene of a movie. Thankfully Katka brought me to the hospital and she has taken many Americans there before. She translated everything to the doctor and nurses about what was going on with my knee. It was a lot of back and forth with paper work and waiting, but it could have been a lot worse. There were not many people in the waiting room and they saw me pretty much right away. The doctor looked at my knee and he said he thinks it will be ok, just stay off of it, and take some pain medicine if I need it. I was thankful I didn't walk out with a cast, but it is frustrating because I am in a lot of pain when I walk and I can't go up in downstairs. However until next Wednesday I am in probably the best place I could be for this to happen. Hotel Malenovice has an elevator and we are not traveling or doing a lot of sports. It is very hard for to sit around all day though and not go out and play volleyball or ultimate frisbee during break. I also couldn't participate in learning the dance for the camp theme song. Please pray that my knee would be healed quickly and before we start traveling again.

Other than that things are going great. I love my team, and Iove being here. I have been able to catch up with a lot of friends from past years and here about the ministry that is going on here during the rest of the year. We have a devotional, 2 training sessions, and then another meeting going through the book of Philippians at night everyday. We also have a night session where we do various activities like introducing our team, learning the theme song, and other stuff like that. It has been so good. Hope all is going well at home. Love you all.

Mel and Amy Ellenwood's son Noah was just taken to the hospital with a 105F fever today. He has an infection in his lung and is being treated with antibiotics and has an iv. There daughter Hannah just got back from a mission trip and had a problem with losing her passport and then found it. They are one of the main leaders for J.V. over here and so they have a lot they are dealing with right now. Please keep them in your prayers.


Jessica Fischer said...

erin i love you and i am so sorry about your knee. i am praying for you. i love you sooooo much!

JennyMae said...

ERIN!! i'm afriad my cursed traveling mishaps have got to you too...but yeah at least you're not in a cast like me ;) I'm very sorry though and am praying that the pain lessens. i'm glad things are going well though, and i miss you muchisimo! i'll write you a random story soon so look forward to it!

Mom said...

So good to get the update. I'm so sorry about your knee. Look around, maybe there is someone that needs to "Be still and know that I am God," Take this time to further prepare your heart and mind. I know that you are there and ready and to sit back and watch is difficult, but God has His purpose for all things. I will pray for a quick and complete recovery. I can hear the excitement in your writing. It is so clear that this is where you are suppose to be. I bet it was so fun to get to see everyone again and to meet all the new people. If you get a chance, add Nawel to your list. I know she would really enjoy your blog and keeping updated.


This is her address. Enjoy every moment. I love you, Mom

Erin said...

jess, could you please get me Emily´s email address, I have a couple of questions for her. Thanks