11 June 2006

Be Joyful ALWAYS

My team just arrived in Cesky Tesin after spending Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon in Hradec Kralove visiting the youth group we will be working with. I stayed with the youth group pastor and his wife during our time there. Their group is awesome. We spent Friday playing Ultimate Frisbee, Red Rover, and Mafia at the park...well I mostly sat on a bench and watched but more on that in a bit. Then we went and saw the DaVinci Code. The day was devoted to hanging out with the youth group kids and students who would be at camp. It was a great time of fellowship and building relationships. Saturday (after another trip to the hospital) we had a huge spaghetti lunch and then met with their English Camp team. After testimonies and prayer time we attended their youth group. Sunday we went to church (well downstairs from where I was staying) and Bedrich (Freddie) the youth pastor taught out of Malachi. Then we got on the train and headed here, where we have been hanging out at Brad and Nate's apartment.

Knee Update:

So they couldn't do anything for me at the hospital because they would refer me to an orthopedic specialist but I wasn't in town long enough, so they had me buy a brace and said to stay off of it. Saturday I spent most of the day sitting on a couch with ice on my knee. It had gotten pretty bad this weekend. But I was able to get a pair of crutches today so at least I don't have to walk on it anymore. I was getting pretty frustrated with the whole thing, the pain, not being able to play games and interact with students like I wanted to, and just going crazy from always sitting around. Though I never considered coming home, after a phone conversation with my mom asking if I needed to come home, I realized how much I needed to stay. God has been teaching me so much ( I have tons of time to read and pray and think) and although I think my role will look a lot different from what I had planned on, I know God has a much bigger plan. I am even more excited now to see how He is going to use this to be with people I would normally not get to know like one girl named Zuzka, that I met on friday who also could not join in the sports because of a problem with her ankle. She will be one of the students coming to the English camp we do with Hradec Kralove.


Mishfish said...

Do you owe me five dollars yet?

Erin said...

Nope, so far you owe me ;)