24 March 2006

Spring Break

Ok, so this might be really long and I'll probably only cover the wedding in this post, but it was probably the best spring break I've had and it was so busy.

Part I: Pre-wedding

Thursday night I went home to spend some time with my sister and some of the bridesmaids (minus 1) before the wedding. It was wonderful. You would have thought we had all been best friends our entire lives. It was really a blessing and a great way to start of spring break-definitely worth missing my Friday morning class for. Anyway, we soaked our feet, talked, and laughed a lot.

Michelle, Danielle, Kim, Me at the rehersal dinner

Ashley, Michelle, Me, Kim, Danielle at the luncheon

Friday we had a bridesmaid luncheon with all the girls, my aunts, and grandma. Then we all went and got our nails done (yes, even I did). Then we got home just in time for the rehersal. The guy I was supposed to walk down with wasn't in town yet so I got escorted down the aisle by three of the little kids. Then we went over to the Fischers for the rehersal dinner. Then back home to wash 400 dishes. Stayed up late, slept on the couch, and woke up to the rain.

Part II: Wedding Day-From Backyard to Inside
130ish am-It starts to rain
430am-I hear someone walking around downstairs.
630ish-Phone call from my granpa-So here are our some other options
645-730-So here's what we're gonna do: Wedding inside on the stairs, reception inside, food in the family room, all the furniture needs to be moved to the garage, tables dried off and brought inside along with about 20 chairs. It's still raining
8/830-call people to help, Dad went to the dump-trailor caught on fire (Praise God my dad is a fire fighter, and it rained and we had to take it to the dump or the fire would have been in our garage!)
time is kind of a blur after that but consisted of 7 girls getting their hair and make up done, making everything look pretty inside, and the guys coming over.
130pm or so-pic with my sister: we definitely cried (another shocking moment for those who know me I'm sure)
2pm-wedding, people packed in the living room like sardines
230pm-Jessica and Lukas Fischer are married!!!
230-?: and insane number of pictures

lots of fun, good friends, family, overall best wedding ever
Thanks to everyone who helped out!!!

then a nice relaxing time at Nate's, followed by a drive back to Tucson in the rain at 845pm

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