01 March 2006

A Day Off

Sometimes I just feel like I need a day off from school and everything else I have to do all the time. I think today was one of those days. I missed two classes and pretty much felt like the laziest person ever. It was good. I don't like being lazy. I like having stuff to do and being productive. Sitting around the house all day is not good. However, I did end up getting a lot accomplished by the end of the day because I had taken the rest of the day to do nothing, so I guess it wasn't a complete waste of time.

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JennyMae said...

Erin....you giant slacker. I can't believe that you did that! It makes me want to follow your example since you're the greatest person ever. Perhaps I'll just ditch tomorrow, my project, work, and my midterm and lounge around. since it worked so well for you. haha, just kidding.
I'm glad you got some down time. You definitely deserve it mi amiga :) but i agree. I wish we could just stop time for a day and do what we want, then start everything back up again.