10 August 2005

Wisdom Teeth

So Monday morning I made a little trip to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I know have been sitting at home pretty much bored out of my mind, with a puffy swollen face for almost two days. Today, however, I finally feel well enough to move around and do some stuff but my teeth do still hurt so I have a lovely ice pack wrapped around my face. (That was a really long probably grammatically incorrect sentence-but oh well). Anyway I am now off to take care of my cousin's dog for the week, then pack up all the rest of my stuff and head down to Tucson next week. The summer is coming to an end....how sad. But I get to live with 4 awesome girls in a wonderful house that God has completely blessed us with, so I am super excited!!!

1 comment:

Jessica Fischer said...

horray for casa de hotties. and I love your puffy cheeks!