12 August 2005

...and then it rained

So this morning I woke up and got ready for what was going to be a great day with a little trip to Ikea with my room mate michelleeee. Michelle arrived at my house at 930am and we were off and headed to do some shopping for our house...or so we thought.

We started off down the freeway, missed the exit for the I10East toward tucson and took another one thinking well, we will just take some regular streets to get down there. So we headed down south toward baseline and then somehow ended up going west all the way to 35ave. We knew we we're to far and so we decided to head back the other direction. We got back to central and thought hey why don't we just take this street south. Um....maybe because it ends at the base of South Mountain. ok well that's all right, wee'll just call michelle's dad and double check on how to get to where we want to go from here. So we park at "This is Scorpian Gulch" and get out of the car. He says yep, get back on baseline and go east to the I10. Ok so now we go to get back in the car but the alarm goes off. So we can't start the car becaue we only have the valet key. So we are now stranded in the middle of the desert without water for a good hour while we wait for her dad to come and get us the right key.

Good time hanging out at the gulch. Took some pics, played hangman, got some gaterorade like drink from a couple of city of phx workers, laughed at the funny cowboy guy that rode by on his horse, and fun stuff like that.

Michelle's dad shows up, we leave for Ikea. YAY!!!

We get to Ikea eat and do all our shopping in about 2hrs-we we're on a mission.

Next stop: leave ikea and go to Target

Again having problems with changing freeways and exits we decided to take the more scenic route trhough downtown and finally get to the Pavillians and target. Backstreet Boys blasting all the way-don't ask.

So now we're in target. We got Michelle her bookshelf and sheets and towels and stuff like that. We head over to the checkout counter and the lady rings it up. On no, Michelle left her wallet in the car. So she runs to go get it, comes back in, pays and we leave.

The 101, finally we are back in our own area and know where we are going. 101, Shea, home. Driving, driving, driving. Erin, "Wow those mountains look really dark." Michelle, "I love when the sun pokes through the clouds and God's light shines down on all the people.".....And then it rains. Not rains but pours, flooding the streets while we drive-oh by the way did I mention the windsheild wipers are broken.

So basically the moral of the story: don't use the valet key, carry water, maybe know where you're going, and remember money while shopping. But then again days like this are just tons of fun and make really good stories.

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Jessica Fischer said...

hahaha. i am so happy i satyed home and slept with my migrane, instead of go with you.